Hitachi and BSI to co-develop an Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) system platform

Category: Power Optimization

Tokyo, Japan -- Recently, Bigwood Systems, Inc. (BSI) signed an agreement with Hitachi, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, to develop an automatic voltage control (AVC) system prototype by 2017.

Based on the strengths of Hitachi’s hardware capability and software platform and BSI’s strengths in advanced online energy management software (EMS) and problem-solving innovative solutions, the AVC will provide real-time advanced control and reduce real-time power loss, enabling the power industry to increase network operating limits without infrastructure investments and to monitor high-quality voltage profiles under renewable penetration. Key features include a simple hierarchy, guaranteed system efficiency and security, a smoother voltage profile, and flexibility.

Hitachi, founded in 1910, has grown into Hitachi, Ltd with eleven different business segments, including Power Systems, Electronic Systems & Equipment, and Information & Telecommunication Systems. Hitachi operates worldwide and its corporate goal, \\\\'Inspire the Next,’ motivates their pursuit of excellence in offering world-class consumer, business, and government products and services, all with the latest technologies.