San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) installs BSI's real-time Voltage Stability Tool

Category: Voltage Stability

San Diego, California -- In December 2015, Bigwood Systems, Inc. (BSI) installed their Voltage Stability Assessment tools at San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) as part of SDG&E’s initiative to bolster security assessment in grid operations. SDG&E will be using real-time monitoring and analysis as well as the study tool for determining system operating limits and voltage stability.

VSA (On-line Voltage Stability Assessment) is an integrated computer package developed by BSI for voltage security assessment in real-time mode, on-line study mode, and future horizon modes in large-scale interconnected power systems. Key features include online analysis of large contingency lists, handling of significant renewable energy penetration, contingency classification, and voltage security load margins for the base case and top-ranked contingencies. The tools also determine limits for thermal limits, voltage violations, and voltage deviations.